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Project Description
A GUI and command line application that helps executing scripts against SQL Server databases. Scripts can be executed within a transaction and automatically rollback if exceptions are found. Written in C# using the SMO and Log4net libraries.

New version: - SMO and .NET 3.5 Release is available
We have upgraded SQLRunner to the .NET 3.5 framework and the old DMO library has been finally replaced by the SMO. We hope that using the new libraries will allow to bring new exciting functionality to SQLRunner in a close future.

Installation notes
For those that don't have SQLServer 2008 yet, the installer package contains the two SMO MSI files that SQLRunner requires. If you don't have the .NET 3.5 framework installed in your machine, you may need to download it before you can install this new version of SQLRunner.

Please bear with us if you find any difficulties installing or using the new version. A new discussion thread was created (SQL Server 2008 SMO Upgrade) to record issues in relation to the new installation and please help us to improve the application by logging any issues that you may find. Thanks.

Screen shots

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